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This project (grant agreement nr. 290542) is supported under the Socio-economic and Humanities Programme of FP7


The INNOSERV Final Conference (January 29th, 2014, Paris)

Research and Development in Social Services Innovation

The INNOSERV project has been mapping the way forwards for innovation in social services, this final conference will set the agenda for future research and development, and inform the development of the EU Horizon 2020 research programme.

Leaders in the development of social services (including health and social care, welfare and education services) are invited to join our final project conference at which the INNOSERV consortium will present:

  • A Vision for Innovation in Social Services
    The INNOSERV Project Findings: Key Issues, Research and Future Innovation Opportunities
  • Shaping the future of Social Services – Development Agenda for the years up to 2020
    Your views on the priorities for development and research in social services

The INNOSERV consortium includes researchers, practitioners and policy-makers. The INNOSERV programme has assessed recent trends in science, practice and policy developments relating to social services, identified knowledge gaps and proposed research questions and agendas to address them. An important feature of the project has been the use of innovative, low-threshold communication vehicles, such as short films made with users and practitioners, to reach out to a wide audience of scholars, practitioners, policy makers and service users across all social contexts in Europe. This conference will draw from our wide dissemination of the initial findings and recent development seminars held in both western and eastern European contexts.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Johannes Eurich


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